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Monday, August 9, 2010

What If...
What if...  Our government really doesn't want to fix the economy but wants to weaken it to the point we have to (or feel we have to) turn to them and just sign over our pay checks to them?  What will change and how does it affect us? 

What if... the rapture doesn't happen before the tribulation? Am I ready to face persecution of Biblical proportions?  Am I spiritually "out of shape" for a fight?  To whose advantage is it to promote a rapture before the tribulation?  Which way makes us better disciples today?

What if... we didn't sign our kids up for every program, activity they want to participate in but made them pick one a season?  How would they be diminished?  How would our functioning as a family be changed?

What if.... I was content materially?  What if I had all I wanted or better yet what if all I have is what I want and am willing to be content with?  Would it change what I do and how I do it?  How would my life be different?

What if... I believed that not everyone I interact with cares as much about me as they care about themselves?  Would I interpret their actions as personal toward me?  Would I realize they really aren't reacting to me as much as how things affect them?

What if... I really believed God was God and that He loved me?
What if... I believed He created everything and that everything was subject to Him?
What if... I believed life was eternal and my time here on earth was temporary?

What if.... I was held accountable for the answers my life gives to the questions above versus my giving the "right answers"?

What if...
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